I miss someone

Assalamualaikum w.b.t hai there do u want really to know who i really miss ? She's my sister in law hum she's confinement currently at her mother's house melaka . and and i missh my nephew muhammad khaled aqil . i cant wait for tomorrow ohemge ohemge because tommorow i will go to melaka and visit their with my parents and my lovely cousin pika uhuk eh eh u want to see my nephew ? he's so cute right ? Yeahhh this

 humhumhum i miss him so badly did you know ? he has a "lesung pipit" awww when he grow up must he handsome or cute right ? Yeyyy handsome like Aiman Rahman Ops . haha i think until here only tommorow i will continue my story . okay byebye assalamualaikum
cerita aku hebat kan